Brieanna + Josh | Sunrise Corrales Engagement Photos | Corrales Bosque, New Mexico

Brieanna + Josh | Sunrise Corrales Engagement Photos | Corrales Bosque, New Mexico

I had a great time capturing Brieanna and Josh’s rustic sunrise Corrales Engagement Photos at the Corrales Bosque in Corrales, New Mexico. There’s truly nothing like the view of the Sandia Mountains from this scenic area in Corrales, New Mexico. It was hard for me not to share every. single. image from their epic sunrise session. 

Josh is originally from Roswell, New Mexico. His parents have been married for over 40 years, he has one older brother and one younger sister.  In 2006, Josh decided to pursue a career in law enforcement with New Mexico State Police where he was stationed in Las Vegas, New Mexico before relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico to go full time with the TACT team. He recently left the team to be a lead instructor with the New Mexico State Police Recruits. When Josh is not working, he enjoys the great outdoors, hunting, boating, skiing, and softball.

Brieanna is originally from Las Vegas, New Mexico. On her father’s side, she has another mother and two older brothers. On her mothers’ side, she has three younger sisters and a younger brother. Family is the most important thing in her life.  In 2007 upon graduating high school, she accepted an academic and athletic scholarship to NMHU where she obtained her Bachelors and Masters degree in Business. In Brieanna’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, boating, crossfit, skiing, and traveling.

Josh and Brieanna met in 2008 in Las Vegas, New Mexico where Josh was stationed. At the time, Brieanna held a part time job at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico. 

One evening while at work, there was an incident which involved the State Police being called to the Plaza Hotel.  As Josh was searching for his suspect, Brieanna noticed him. When he was departing, Brieanna asked Josh, "Are you married?” In which he replied by showing his hands and saying no. Brieanna then gave him her phone number and that is where their love story began. 

Josh's first impression was "She's hot.”

Brieanna's first impression was "He's hot in that uniform.”

It was truly a match made in heaven!


They went to Little Moon Chinese Buffet for their first date. Unfortunately, Josh got sick and spent about 30 minutes in the restaurant bathroom.

Josh's favorite date was during their Florida vacation where they got dressed up one night to go out and eat. 

Brieanna's favorite date was their first trip skiing together (because he could keep up with her). 


When asked about their first kiss, they replied:

Josh: “Our first kiss was at Brieanna's apartment.”

Brieanna: I just remember telling him "thank god you're a good kisser"


Josh fell in love first and Brieanna said I love you first.

Josh and Brieanna have had quite the roller coaster of a relationship, filled with a lot of good and bad moments. They first got together in 2008 after which they broke up several times, but always seemed to find their way back to each other.  

Through all of the ups and downs, they both decided that with each other is where they truly want to be. They first fell in love fairly quick which they said was the easy part, but through all of the ugly, hard times is where Josh and Brieanna figured out that they were not only in love, but that they were both committed to one another. That was the moment they knew they were ready for marriage.

Their epic proposal story seemed just like a normal night out for Josh and Brieanna. They went to Sadiago's for dinner on the balcony. Brieanna was trying to have another margarita before concluding dinner while Josh was trying to ride the tram. (Brieanna could not understand why he wanted to ride the tram so bad as they had rode the Sandia Tram before, but Josh mentioned he wanted to see the sunset). They then waited in line for the crowded tram (where Josh was acting unlike himself which seemed odd to Brieanna). Once they were at the top of the mountain, Josh asked if Brieanna could hike at which point Brieanna replied, “I'm in heels, Josh.” Right then, Josh got down on one knee and popped the question. Brieanna said “YES!” over the city lights with clarification as to his awkwardness throughout the night. 


Capturing Josh and Brieanna's love story in Corrales, New Mexico was truly such a blessing. The way they look at one another will give you all the warm fuzzies. 

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