Kari + Brandon // NMSU, Organ Mountains, + Albuquerque Bosque Engagement Photos | Las Cruces, New Mexico Engagement Photographer

I had a blast capturing Kari + Brandon’s beautiful New Mexico engagement photos in Las Cruces, New Mexico as well as Albuquerque, New Mexico! As a traveling New Mexico engagement photographer, I get to travel throughout the state to capture some incredible engagement photos — Kari and Brandon’s are still some of my all time faves to date. 

The first part of their engagement session began in Las Cruces, New Mexico at New Mexico State University where they both attended. We explored through the campus to capture their cuteness and school pride (Go Aggies!). They both rocked their Aggies gear and looked freaking adorable while doing so. We then headed to the Organ Mountains in Las Cruces, NM to do a quick outfit change and capture the rest of their love fest. Kari’s knit sweater with her blue dress was SUPER cute paired with Brandon’s polo and jeans. The sun set just in time to capture the beauty of the Organ Mountains and the love between Kari and Brandon. 

We met up again in Albuquerque, New Mexico and ventured to the Albuquerque bosque to take some fall inspired engagement photos. I loved the warm color palette they chose for their attire for this part of the session! We also had to take some cute engagement photo inspiration photos with the Starbucks red cups! <3 

I loved Kari and Brandon’s NMSU, Organ Mountains, + Albuquerque Bosque Engagement Photos and can’t wait for you to check out how cute they are! <3