Lea + Adam // Johnson-Mumford Wedding | Dwan Light Sanctuary, Montezuma New Mexico | New Mexico Wedding Photographer

I have so many wonderful things to say about Lea + Adam’s beautiful New Mexico wedding at the Dwan Light Sanctuary in Montezuma, New Mexico. I was extremely honored to be their New Mexico wedding photographer!

First things first - we have to talk about how incredible Lea + Adam are. 

They met in grad school where they kayaked together in dirty rivers to see the wildlife that flourishes despite New Jersey. They also share a love for music and help to put on a festival of brass music in NYC every January (http://goldenfest.org/). 

Adam is originally from Conneticut while Lea is from New Mexico. He’s a geologist, she’s a botanist. Their friends + family traveled from different countries gathered together to celebrate Lea and Adam’s love. 

The day started with both Lea + Adam getting ready at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico with their loved ones. They chose to have a non-religious wedding ceremony at the Dwan Light Sanctuary in Montezuma, New Mexico and then celebrate their lovefest at their family’s ranch in San Augustin, New Mexiico (both near Las Vegas, New Mexico). 

The wedding ceremony was beautifully unique and rich in emotion. There was a period of silence which allowed guests to speak or sing to Lea + Adam. They combined beautiful moments along with beautifully diverse cultural traditions - Quaker, Buddhist, and Jewish. These included signing a special document (Quaker style), a meditative hug (Buddhist style), as well as having a chuppah and stomping on a glass in a bag (Jewish style). 

The dress theme for the whole wedding celebration was rainbows - their guests dressed in one color head to toe as part of the theme. The wedding reception at the ranch was near the orchard by the acequia, and was lit by candles and solar lights primarily since there was no electricity at the house. Most of the village is a ruin, but Lea’s parents grow flowers and tree fruits there. 

They arrived by rainbow procession from the river to their gorgeous wedding reception. They made cups for everyone with an image from a note one of them left for the other early in their relationship that has become a note that they leave often for one another. They also had a bluegrass band with a caller that lead everyone to do an extraodinary dance! 

The inspiration from their day was mostly based in the place and the people. The ranch was decorate party-style in a way that showcased the beauty of the area.

Lea and Adam’s wedding day was mellow and so incredibly fun. So many of their loved ones contributed immensely to make their celebration of their partnership truly amazing. The love and support was felt throughout their day and it was truly a blessing to witness! I still get butterflies looking at their images because it truly was such a magically, colorful day!

Wedding Vendors + Details:

Florals: Naomi Clancy - Silver City

The majority of the florals were grown + foraged from Lea’s parents ranch in San Augustin, New Mexico

Cake/Dessert: Elyse Manning - New Orleans

Catering: El Rialto Restaurant Bar And Grill - Las Vegas, New Mexico

Wedding Dress: reproduction of the 1930’s dress by Truc Dress Maker of Hyattsville, MD + vintage bat-wing cape

Bride’s Shoes: Fluevog

Jewlry/Rings: Folia Jewelry of Portland, Maine 

Groom’s Suit + Shoes: Suitsupply of Washington, D.C. + Frye Boots

Bride’s Hair Ornaments: Lisa Van Wambeck aka Owllamode Milliner (http://www.etsy.com/shop/owllamode)

Bride’s Earrings: Michael Michaud Design

Dwan Light Sanctuary Wedding Photos by Jasper K Photography